How to Secure Access to Kaseya Using Two Factor Authentication

    Securing Kaseya with 2FA

    If you use Kaseya, this eBook is a must-read

    A single Kaseya system may manage hundreds, or even thousands, of IT endpoints. Therefore, it is an essential solution for many MSPs. This also makes it an attractive target for a malicious party.

    Not only does a large number of endpoints result in a higher chance of a criminal finding a weak link, but it also means a criminal can do more damage if they gain access to your Kaseya system.

    In this eBook, you will learn:

    • Why securing Kaseya is critical
    • 5 ways in which Kaseya could be compromised
    • About the only fully-integrated 2FA solution for Kaseya
    • and much more!

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