Security as a service can help you grow your business.

    You Need to Offer SECaaS in Your Business Portfolio

    User authentication, or identity verification, is incredibly important. Businesses large and small, and even individual consumers have been forced by these exploits to take steps to ensure that their information is safe from malicious software and hackers. While good password hygiene and the right password management tool can help, there are still hurdles. SECaaS, or security as a service, can provide significant advantages. What is it, and why should it have a place in your business portfolio?

    What Is SECaaS?

    Before we get too much farther into the discussion, we need to talk about what SECaaS is and why it matters. SECaaS  is a cloud-based authentication solution that provides greater safeguards for information stored in cloud systems. Security is the most common concern on the part of businesses considering a move to the cloud, and the most common reason that some businesses don’t make that leap. However, that has not kept software developers from making the leap, and taking user identities into the cloud with them.  

    SECaaS is a way to safeguard those identities while in the cloud. Why does this matter so much? It’s all to do with the nature of cloud-based systems. In this scenario, the system might be owned and operated by a division of the business or organization itself, or it could be owned and managed by an outside party, with limited controls on the part of the business or a division of the business. security as a service works to solve two needs: identity access and control, and SaaS efficiency and security management.

    Traditional identity management was completely within the organization’s control. Managers were responsible for granting employees access to specific networks, areas, features, tools and the like. However, with the rise of the cloud and the increasing reliance on cloud-based apps, businesses and organizations are giving up control over the situation – traditional identity management no longer works, or at least no longer works as well.

    How Can SECaaS Help?

    Security as a service differs quite a bit from conventional identity management in many ways. For instance, unlike traditional management techniques, it can provide security for instances where access to business or organization-owned systems or apps is accomplished through mobile devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones and the like.
    It can also work to provide a unified solution for management across cloud-based applications, in-house applications and hybrid applications. SECaaS provides verification of all identities, and offers the means to grant, track and revoke access to all users in order to meet compliance requirements, as well as risks. Because it is cloud-based, SECaaS can also be scaled to fit changing needs without any problem.

    Yet another benefit to SECaaS is the fact that it can be implemented in a number of ways in order to suit a particular organization’s needs. For instance, for smaller, more agile companies, it can be implemented immediately as a company-wide solution. However, for larger organizations, it can be rolled out gradually in order to provide time for users to be trained in the use of the system, and for integration with different areas within the organization. Note that it does take considerable integration in many instances.

    Most large organizations find a gradual roll-out highly beneficial. For instance, it might first be used to provide single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. Then, it would be used to provide multi-factor and adaptive authentication. Next, it would include identity analytics, then self-service and access requests, access approval, provisioning, access certification, and finally privileged account management. It can even be used to provide authentication using an alternate identity provider (think of logging into a website with your Facebook credentials).

    Perhaps the most important takeaway from this discussion is that SECaaS provides a solution for authentication that works with the cloud. It is scalable, and provides the ability to make changes to access in real time, without the need to wait for changes to cascade through the system. This makes it highly beneficial for on-boarding and off boarding procedures, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to specific platforms, and setting individual access controls to prevent unauthorized access to specific platforms, areas or information.

    Why Offer it in Your Portfolio?

    Simply put, SECaaS ensures organizations of all sizes that you take their identity management needs seriously, and have taken steps to provide robust safeguards that can be easily customized to meet their specific requirements, on their timescale.

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