[eBook] Why Does Your RMM Platform Need Strong Security?

    Why Does Your RMM Platform Need Strong Security?

    RMM tools can be a boon to any business. That much is certain; however, underneath their helpful outward appearance lies an emotionless mechanical construct. An RMM system has no moral compass. They do not know right from wrong. If someone with less than noble intentions gained access to such a system, then those capabilities once used to create and maintain could instead be used to degrade and destroy…

    Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this risk. While it’s impossible to eliminate the existence of these people with less than noble intentions, it is possible to disallow them access to your RMM systems. To accomplish that, you will first need to learn. Knowing is half the battle, and we’ve rolled together a useful eBook to set you down the path to greater understanding. Here’s a preview:

    Most RMM systems provide means of communicating with users on managed systems. If an attacker was to use one of these chat interfaces to appear as an “IT administrator”, then virtually any user at that company would believe them.

    This could be leveraged to exfiltrate valuable data and user credentials from systems the RMM was unable to gain access to. A message from a businesses IT department to “reset” a password could easily go unnoticed, and as the attacker gains more information and credentials it becomes even easier to impersonate and social engineer their way through any set of protections.

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