Authentication as a Service (AaaS) is a Win-Win for MSPs and Clients

    Authentication as a Service (AaaS) is a Win-Win for MSPs and Clients

    Why Your Clients Want Authentication as a Service (AaaS)

    Most businesses recognize the pains associated with authentication. As companies increasingly rely on online services and password protected applications, the struggle to maintain password security without overburdening employees or risking non-compliance with data security regulations like PCI DSS or HIPAA is becoming more and more difficult.

    Your clients want secure and reliable solutions for all of these problems—just as you did when you installed user authentication software for your own business. But your clients are hesitant to invest in onsite servers and software. IT in general is moving toward the cloud, so your clients are understandably trying to avoid building out their on-premises infrastructure any more than is necessary. Paying your company to provide  these services is both easier for your clients and lower risk. It’s an instant-on, instant off solution. They can try it without any significant upfront costs.

    There are, of course, large-scale providers of cloud-based authentication services your clients might consider, but those options represent an increased risk. Besides the fact that your clients have a prior relationship with your business and trust you, large-scale authentication as a service providers are more prone to attack because of their higher profile. They are built for general users, not the specific needs (including compliance) of specific businesses.

    When you offer AaaS to your clients you’re also offering them the assurance of knowing where their data is and who is in control of it.

    Why MSPs Should Offer (AaaS)

    For MSPs, the promise of AaaS is the promise of a new revenue stream offering services your competitors don’t offer. Consider AaaS as an opportunity to increase your footprint and create customer “stickiness,” reducing the likelihood your clients will jump ship for another MSP. When end users get used to the remarkable simplicity of a user authentication tool, it’s hard to go back to the dark ages of password security. For this reason, our partners have found that deploying AaaS for their current customer base not only increases their monthly recurring revenue, but increases their customer loyalty.

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