When You're Solving for the Problem of Passwords, Less is More!

    When You're Solving for the Problem of Passwords, Less is More!

    Just your typical morning at work.

    I park my car, walk into work, then sit down at my desk.
    Log into the computer.
    Log into program A.
    Log into website B.
    Log into program C…
    Your Username or Password is incorrect.
    Maybe I typed it wrong.
    Your Username or Password is incorrect.
    Wait… what was the password for that program.
    Oh shoot, I forgot the password for my email too!
    Where did I write down all those important passwords…
    Damn, the cleaning staff must have thrown those papers out.
    Well, I’ve wasted ten minutes already… I guess I’d better call the IT department…

    Let’s stop right there… How many times has this happened to you?

    Maybe you’re the person in charge of answering that phonecall. How many of these calls do you think you receive in a day? A week? A month!? 

    Better yet, maybe you’re the person in charge of overseeing this process. How many hours do you think are being wasted dealing with passwords?

    Let’s be honest with ourselves. The answer is too many.

    So how do we fix this? You can’t just recycle passwords, that’s not an acceptable solution. You can't just leave them lying around written down on paper or post-it notes. To the uninformed, it seems like there are no good solutions available…

    Fortunately, I’m going to let you in on a little secret I like to call AuthAnvil Password Solutions. With AuthAnvil, all you need to do in the morning is log into your computer, log into your Single Sign-On Portal, and get to work. It’s just that simple.

    Can you remember four numbers? That’s all we ask of you.

    Never again will your morning be plagued by the dreaded Incorrect Password.
    You can just get on with your day, and get to work.
    A typical day with AuthAnvil goes something like this...

    Get to work.
    Log into your computer.
    Open SSO Portal.
    Enter your Username.
    Enter your Pin and One-Time-Password.
    Open whatever you need access to and get to work. 


    Less is More!

    Your users require fewer passwords.
    It’s more secure. 
    It’s more efficient. 
    It’s simply better than anything else!

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