What is Single Sign-On?

    What is Single Sign-On?

    If you haven't seen it yet, we've written a new eBook called “What is Single Sign-On?". It provides an overview of what single sign-on is, and how single sign-on can reduce the frustration caused by passwords. Here’s a sample of what to expect from the eBook:

    How are you managing passwords today?

    If your business is using password management software, then you should have a tool that manages which resources your employees should be able to access, and which credentials they should use to do so. Unfortunately, your password system may not be doing everything it can to provide simple, and secure access for your employees.

    If you don’t have password management software, then you’re letting your employees manage their passwords on their own. That could mean weak or recycled passwords are being used. It could mean that login credentials are being stored in unsecured documents. Or your users could be setting the stage for every IT security manager’s worst nightmare, an office full of sticky notes with their user names and passwords. Without some form of password management solution, your employees are suffering from ongoing frustration as they try to manage their passwords while following your IT security requirements.



    Never before has box-art so accurately portrayed password management.
    (Picture redacted from eBook)

    Regardless of how you’re managing your passwords today, you can eliminate password frustration, increase your employees’ efficiency, and improve your IT security by implementing a single sign-on password management solution.

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