10 ways to ensure your PSA is secure!

    Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Data Secure in PSAs

    PSA platforms offer valuable assistance to professionals and IT consultants in their ability to find solutions when managing projects. A PSA (professional services automation) system provides crucial effective tools at every level of the project from prospective selling to delivery, and even after-delivery solutions. The entire platform is designed to create an open environment for everyone within the system to gain access to crucial data. This helps the management to maintain the finances, workforce, scheduling, time and expenses, and every key component to managing and delivering the project on time.

    Effective Ways to Keep Company Data Secure

    The top 10 ways to keep company data fully secured by using a PSA platform includes:

    • Maintain In-House Sharing Only. Scammers and online hackers are constantly seeking out confidential information using a variety of their own tools. Through social engineering scams and deciphering software programs, they can easily penetrate into the company intranet and gain unauthorized access to the entire PSA platform if not fully protected.
    • Develop Strong Password Policy – The IT department should develop and implement strong password policy that will deter cyber-thieves when attempting password cracking. The policy should discourage the creation of simple passwords that might include special dates, pet names, last names, and common words out of the dictionary. Without a strong password policy, it is very easy for the company’s crucial data to become compromised and exposed.
    • Use Encryption Technology – Many businesses incorporate a VPN service (virtual private network) to transmit all of their data over the Internet using encryption technology. A virtual private network encapsulates encrypted data from the company intranet and sends it in safeguarded packets through guarded tunnels on the Internet. The process eliminates any potential for cyber-attack as it makes its way to an employee in a remote location or in a virtual workroom.
    • Educate Staff on Social Engineering – The best protection the company can incorporate to keep their data safe when using a PSA platform is to educate themselves on social engineering. Online hackers use phishing expeditions by sending emails to employees that mimic legitimate websites, prompting for username/password combinations to gain unauthorized access into an account. By providing every employee with a healthy dose of suspicion, it is easier to recognize when something is not quite right when attempting to gain access into the company intranet server.
    • Install Tight Security Software – Most malware, viruses and Trojans make their way into the company intranet servers through email accounts on a system that is void of anti-virus security software. Additionally, the network should have a well-constructed firewall as a way to prevent any active malware from gaining entry. Using a firewall is absolutely necessary if the business is expecting to keep their data safe when using a PSA platform.
    • Use Secure Technology for Wireless Connections – Many businesses can easily expose confidential information by using a wireless system to gain access into the company network. It is imperative that the Wi-Fi network uses an access point that provides adequate protection from intrusion.
    • Secure Online Browsers – It is important to turn off any browser option that captures and maintains cookies and other valuable information to maximize online security.
    • Secure BYOD Devices – Many businesses provide BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies that allow their employees to use their own device. However, use of said devices should be carefully managed and balanced against the risk they present. Consider restricitions carefully to avoid impairing productivity.
    • Securely Backup All Company Data – Backing up crucial data has never been more important. A routine backup can be made on an additional server, branch office, or out in the Cloud in a vendor’s datacenter. Remember that any backup worth having contains a complete set of your data and sometimes previsions to restore it. Should a backup fall into the wrong hands, cracking systems becomes near-trivial to a skilled assailant.
    • Wipe Away Unnecessary Data – When companies purchase new equipment for their employees, they often retire old laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. However, it is important to always wipe away any unnecessary data before handing the unused product over to the recycling center or reusing it in another capacity. Simply erasing everything located on the hard drive is not enough to wipe off confidential information. There are a number of options to ensure that the hard drive is securely erased, shredded or damaged beyond use.

    Keeping the data secured in the PSA platform can be complicated. There are many members of the team out in the field, or in virtual environments that need access to crucial company data. Keeping confidential company information fully protected requires the above specific steps and higher levels of security.

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