[eBook] The Sky is Not the Limit: Secure Your Cloud-Based Infrastructure

    The Sky is Not the Limit: Secure Your Cloud-Based Infrastructure

    If you haven't seen it yet, we've written a new eBook called “The Sky is Not the Limit: Secure Your Cloud-Based Infrastructure". It provides an overview of why cloud security is so critical for any business intending to rely upon a cloud based infrastructure. Here’s a sample of what to expect from the eBook:

    "Securing The Cloud Can Be Simple

    Using a password alone is not enough, when it comes to securing your cloud based systems. There are a number of ways you can improve your cloud security without breaking your budget, so let’s look at a three effective methods.

    Solution One: Filtering logins with IP geolocation

    IP addresses can be regionally mapped out, so if all your technicians will be operating in a set area (statewide, countrywide, etc.), then any requests to access a cloud service outside of that IP range can be blocked. If your technicians all live and work in Chicago, why would you allow someone with a IP address from Mexico try to login?

    Despite its utility, IP filtering on its own isn’t enough. It would be best to implement a multi-factor authentication and/or single sign-on system in order to ensure a strong degree of security.

    Solution Two: Multi-Factor Authentication

    “Authentication” refers to verifying the identity of a person. The term “factor,” refers to the different types of identity tests someone must successfully complete to identify themselves. For IT security, these factors often filter down into three broad categories…"

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