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    Simple for You and Your Users: Resell Password Management Software

    Anyone who has worked in an office environment is likely to agree that passwords are a pain point for everyone in the office. The higher-ups need to create a policy that meets regulations and protects the security of the company and its data. The users have to struggle to remember their long list of login credentials (in some cases, eventually just surrendering to the “Forgot Password” button). And the managers have to watch as their team spends valuable time each day entering and re-entering passwords and login credentials.

    And, as an IT provider, there’s a strong possibility you have it the worst. In addition to dealing with continual password-related issues and educating users on password basics (“No, you shouldn’t keep User123 as your company email password”), you’ve been tasked with managing the password security for the entire company, and enforcing password policy. Regardless of the size of your client, it’s a tall order—especially as businesses move to web-based apps, each with their own password and login.

    Why Password Management?

    Chances are, by now, you’ve discovered the many benefits of password management software and realized that you can:

    • Manage user passwords from a centralized system, quickly seeing who has what permissions
    • Automate password expirations and the creation of new, complex passwords
    • Immediately change a password in the event of a terminated employee or security breach
    • Create and reset one-time use passwords

    You’ve also likely heard about multi factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO). These two tools are key to password management in today’s cloud-based environments. MFA requires additional authentication for user login (for example, a one-time code generated by a secure app on an employee’s phone), adding a serious layer of protection. This extra layer allows for more advanced options like SSO. With SSO, a user logs in using MFA, and is then taken to their SSO portal, where they can be automatically signed into all of their applications without needing to re-enter their credentials.

    One thing you may not have yet discovered, however, is the opportunity you have to resell password management software to your clients. After all, they hate wasting time on passwords, too. And they’re certainly looking for a more secure option. By educating them on the benefits of password management software, you can make everyone’s life a bit easier. You can also make additional income from reselling a password management tool that’s effective and easy to use.

    There’s another added bonus, too. By offering your clients a strong password management and SSO solution, and reselling them the software, you’re gaining their trust and appreciation by solving the password problem for them. It’s one of those rare win-win-win situations.

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