Shadow IT "is Like A Box Of Chocolates"

    Shadow IT "is Like A Box Of Chocolates"

    For the movie's 20’th anniversary, Forrest Gump has been digitally remastered and is being played in a number of IMAX cinema’s tomorrow. In honor of this release, we present to you this Forrest Gump themed infographic on the subject of Shadow IT.



    The information used in this infographic originally came from a study commissioned by McAfee. In the study, over 80% of responding users admitted that they currently were using applications which were unapproved by any internal review process. Furthermore, it correlated unapproved usage of Facebook with an increase of malware infections. It also demonstrated a correlation between leaked information and unauthorized usage of Dropbox.

    Correlation doesn't necessitate causation, but in the world of IT security there's usually fire when you smell smoke.

    Fortunately, when you encounter instances of Shadow IT it’s often just someone with the best of intentions. It could be a worker trying to improve their productivity, or a tech savvy user “improving” the security of their system. Unfortunately, the risk is rarely worth the reward.

    It’s a shame Forrest Gump didn’t provide many insights into the field of IT. If there were any such lines in the movie, it probably would have gone something like this:

    “Momma always said if you don’t need something to do your job, then don’t bring it with you.” 

    When it comes to shadow IT these same concepts apply. If your users don’t need the permissions to install programs, or the passwords for certain accounts, then don’t let them have them. We can help with that.

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