The Risk of Tech Turnover

    When employees leave a tech company, it can be more dangerous than one might think. After all, they depart with knowledge, passwords, and an understanding of how the business operates. While most ex-employees would never do harm, some might hold a grudge a see a financial opportunity such as corporate espionage. If you don’t revoke access and privileges right away, those troublesome ex-workers can wreak total havoc.

    There are several risks in tech turnover you must mitigate to keep your company secure.

    Being Too Complacent and Ignoring Risks

    Many companies complacent when staffers leave, and have too much trust in ex-workers, even ones that are fired. They take their time revoking access and privileges. You must get rid of this lackadaisical attitude.

    You Need to Be Proactive

    Instead of being complacent, be proactive. Have a documented process for access management across the organization, and know who has access to what at all times, making it easier to locate the access information and revoke it. This revocation must be for all of the IT resources former employees have access to.

    When someone leaves, their passwords must be changed, such as for domain credentials, for firewalls, VPN endpoints, etc.

    Auditing and Monitoring

    It is important to have a system to audit and monitor for any types of authorization and access attempts made remotely after a person has been let go. Audits should occur regularly, as they offer insight into what is happening with overall unauthorized remote access, hacking attempts, and more.

    Be Sure the Staff Is Accountable

    Make sure the staff does not share passwords with one another. It would do no good to revoke a former employee’s access if he or she could use a former coworker’s login information to gain access. If there are any shared accounts, the passwords need to be changed as soon as that employee leaves. 

    Have a Dedicated Security Role in the Company

    Finally, have a security role in the company with a dedicated budget. A good, solid security team makes dealing with turnovers easier, and can even develop the process of dealing with turnovers.

    If you truly take tech turnover seriously, you can get a handle on it. Just make sure that you are working proactively and not reactively.

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