Relearn your ABC’s for IT Security

    Relearn your ABC’s for IT Security

    Have your networks ever been breached? How did you respond to that? Did you even respond to it?
    Do you have any policies in place for dealing with network breaches? What about how to protect network devices? Do you know what they are?

    Do you even care?

    These seem like a lot of rapid-fire questions, but if you have any valuable information stored on your various networks (and you likely do), then these are the questions that you will hear in the aftermath of a major breach. If you’re not prepared to answer these questions…

    … Well, I’ve got good and bad news about this for you.

    The good news is that there’s an easy way to avoid these questions…
    The bad news is that it involves finding a new job.

    How can you avoid the awful fate of unemployment?
    It’s really quite simple.
    Re-learn your ABC’s with IT security and cybercrime in mind.

    A used to stand for Apathy.
    Now A stands for ALWAYS.

    B used to stand for Breach.
    Now B stands for BE.

    C used to stand for Compensating.
    Now C stands for CHECKING.

    Your old ABC’s were a process. You would just live your life being ‘Apathetic’ towards security practices until there was a ‘Breach’, and afterwards you would think “oh, I’d better fix that vulnerability” and would ‘Compensate’ for the issue that caused the breach. Kudos, you’ve fixed that one issue, and that one problem is resolved until someone finds another way into your systems.

    Your new ABC’s are the process.
    Being security minded isn’t a job for when you have time. It’s a constant process of checking and confirming that your systems are as they should be. It’s a process of confirming that they have been secured against vulnerabilities as they are discovered. You’ve got to stay on the ball to do your job.

    Do you want your network to be secure?
    Always be checking!
    Do you want to ensure that your client data isn’t leaked onto the web?
    Always be checking!
    Do you want to keep your private data private, and your profits as ‘your’ profits?


    If you work in IT Security Management, make time every day to check the little things.

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