Profiting on Passwords

    Profiting on Passwords

    If you haven't seen it yet, we've written a new eBook called "Profiting on Passwords: Increasing Revenue By Addressing Password-Related Pain Points". Profiting on passwords is all about address password security pain points in a way that can generate some serious revenue for your company. Here are some key excerpts from the eBook:

    Passwords are a pain. Using passwords correctly—that is, choosing passwords that will be hard to guess, changing them on a regular basis, not sharing them among multiple people, and so on—is even more of a pain. Complex passwords are hard to remember. Simple passwords are easy to crack. And for modern businesses—especially IT businesses—the passwords just keep piling up.

    Your desktop, your email, your network access, and many of your applications are all password protected. Devices like printers and scanners, routers, wireless access points, your smartphone and your tablet are also password protected. And we haven’t even mentioned the web and all the different online accounts that require proper credentials to log in: social media accounts, company blog accounts, CRM platforms, online banking, collaboration tools, file syncing, calendars. Each new application a business migrates to the cloud requires a new set of credentials for each user.

    If maintaining a well-functioning IT infrastructure was easy, clients would do it themselves. But it’s not easy. That’s why the business of IT is the business of helping clients solve their problems and reduce their frustration. Password management fits into this model nicely. End users hate passwords just as much as you do. When end users choose “password 123” for their log-in, it’s not because they’re ignorant of the security risk or deliberately trying to compromise their employers’ data security. They’re doing it because easy access to the systems and equipment they need to get their jobs done outweighs—in their mind, anyway—the security risk.

    Your clients want relief from the seemingly eternal pain of passwords. They may not realize relief is possible, but it is, and if you already use a password management system for your own business, providing this badly-needed service won’t take much of an extra investment on your part. Once they are educated on the risks of poor password management and the ability of a password management system to help them minimize those risks, they will gladly pay extra for the privilege. Not a bad way to earn a little extra recurring revenue each month.

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