Preparing for the Passwordpocalypse

    The script reads like a bad horror story for business owners.

    In a dark room a disgruntled ex-employee sits down in a comfortable chair. He logs into a critical network, while is employers remain unaware of his access to the account. Perhaps they were too careless to bother changing the passwords. How it got to that point doesn’t matter, because that’s where the horror begins…

    The ex-employee, like some sort of IT mad scientist, begins to hack apart the infrastructure and critical systems of the business.
    So, you want to let me go… Fine! Okay, fine.
    Why don’t we let go of a few things of yours.
    How about all those Virtual Machines at the data center… 
    Let go! –deletes-
    Years of IT automation scripts… 
    Let go. –deletes-

    No, this isn’t some gritty modern reboot of Frozen, (their song was “Let it go”, and our video came out first). It’s a portrayal of a very possible situation resulting from poor management of post-employee-termination employee passwords.


    It sends shivers down my spine every time I watch it.

    To be serious though, the actual risk of having poor password management practices is quite horrific. If you can’t even keep track of who knows which passwords, then there’s a serious flaw in your infrastructure.

    When there’s so much on the line, you can’t afford to risk poor password practices. When it comes to getting rid of, or simply having a technician leave your company, the necessity of having proper policies in place becomes even more critical.

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