Webinar: Managing and Securing Office 365

    Webinar: Managing and Securing Office 365

    It’s common to hear IT Pros state that security and usability are at odds. That applying one reduces the effectiveness of the other. While on the surface this may have some merrit, if we look closer we find it doesn’t always have to be the case.

    Passwords in Office 365 are a perfect example. Business users scream about having to remember more passwords. Security professionals scream when you use your work credentials in external cloud services. How can we make both sides of the fence happy?

    If you haven’t heard about our most recent release of AuthAnvil on Demand, we are now fully compatible with Office 365, replacing the need to use a password with the introduction of federation to offer two-factor authentication. No need to use a Windows credential at work to log into your critical business resources in the Cloud.

    Join Product Managers Julian Scott and Steve Hall. In the webinar they will explain how MSPs can manage and secure multiple Office 365 portals using Kaseya. In this webinar you will learn:

    • How to secure your client’s Office 365 portals.
    • The benefits of Single Sign-On.
    • How you can reduce the costs of managing Office 365
    • How you can provide these services to your clients, ultimately expanding your revenue portfolio.

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