Making Memorable Passwords 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Making Memorable Passwords 2: Electric Boogaloo

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    Are your passwords pathetic? Does your ability to remember regularly rotated passwords reduce your workday to IT help-requests? Worry not, we’ve got just the thing for that.

    First decide what website you want to create a password for…

    Let’s say that, for our example, you’re looking to create a password for your Twitter account.

    Next you’re going to find something about the website that reminds you of something else.

    "When I think of twitter, I’m reminded of that episode of The Simpsons where the lunch lady offered Bart a children’s chewable Prozac shaped like the blue bird of unhappiness."

    Now convert those things into two or three sentences that include a number.

    “Twitter is 7 letters long. Twitter’s logo reminds me of the blue bird of unhappiness from The Simpsons.”

    Finally, remove everything except the first letter of each word, the numbers, and the periods0 from those sentences.


    That password is 20 characters long, and is a mix of upper case, lower case, symbols, and numbers. In other words, it’s an extremely strong password.

    Theoretically, this could work for any website or system that requires a password. However; now you have to remember this password generation technique in order to remember your passwords. If you only have a few passwords to manage, then this technique can be effective, but if you’re managing passwords for users across a business, it would be more cost effective to implement some sort of password management system.

    Fortunately, we've put together 42 pages of pure password management to make your job easier. 

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