How Is Your Security Hygiene?

    How Is Your Security Hygiene?


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    People are concerned about their accounts being compromised.

    In a survey of over one-thousand individuals, YouGov found that 24% were very concerned, 37 were moderately concerned, 31% were slightly concerned, and only 8% were unconcerned about having their online accounts compromised.

    24% were very concerned, 37% were moderately concerned, and only 8% are unconcerned!

    Yet 55% of those people are still continually reusing their passwords!

    It’s no wonder people are so concerned!

    Office behavior is just one factor of this problem!

    21% of people are still writing down their passwords, despite knowing how high a risk that poses to their account security.

    Worse yet, 93 percent of responders to one survey claimed that they had unapproved mobile devices connected to corporate networks.

    How businesses manage IT security is also a factor!

    22% of organizations have no defined business process in place for changing default passwords on hardware and software

    80% of both IT workers and business workers admitted to using SaaS apps at work without their IT department's approval.

    81% of the almost 800 respondents said their organizations didn’t know how much regulated data was on their devices.

    84% said they didn’t know how much resided in cloud-based file sharing applications like Dropbox

    The main factor is the Human Factor.

    It’s not all about failures of technology. People are the weakest link in the chain of IT security.

    Look at phishing for example: 88% of reported successful phishing attacks resulted from clicked links in email.

    “Spear phishing is going to be the attack vector of choice for a long time... The email protocol is broken. Human beings are as susceptible as they were 15 years ago." 
    -Rohyt Belani, CEO PhishMe Inc.

    People are concerned about their accounts compromised. They should be more concerned about compromising their own accounts.

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