IDaaS is Worth All the Buzz

    No matter how advanced software or our other favorite technologies become, security will always need to be a priority. Otherwise, you’re simply creating solutions that will eventually get used by the wrong people and on your dime. It’s also hard to imagine that passwords will ever quit being a part of our digital world.

    However, as you may have long ago concluded all on your own, password security needs to evolve. Fortunately, it already has. Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is a big step forward for in the security world. Everyone from MSPs to CTOs should understand what this service is and what it means for security.

    What Is Identity as a Service?

    As the name suggests, it’s the idea that one’s identity can be leveraged for high-tech purposes. If this doesn’t sound like anything new and exciting to you, keep reading. We’re not talking about the same form of login credentials as you’re probably used to.

    IDaaS covers the most cutting-edge approaches to cybersecurity:

    • Single Sign-On Software
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Remote Password Management

    These are all assets your clients should be looking forward to using anyway, as they are far superior to the conventional ID/password route of doing things.

    With IDaaS, your customers can confidently:

    • Track password usage
    • Enforce strict requirements for passwords
    • Provide their staff with the most efficient and secure methods for logging into multiple applications

    This unique approach is the only way to go forward with cybersecurity. Your customers simply can’t expect their employees to remember multiple passwords of sufficient complexity. They also can’t feel very comfortable rolling out new requirements based on trust and simply hoping for the best. With IDaaS, they can create requirements that are nonnegotiable and then track how their staff uses passwords. 


    It gets better, though, because IDaaS can be provided to your customers through the cloud. This means your customers get to look forward to the height of efficiency and security without investing in sizable overhead upfront. There’s no need to add to their hardware or set up anything else onsite. This doesn’t mean there are not greater revenues for you to enjoy, though. We’ll cover that later. The point is that IDaaS doesn’t have to burden your customers with a sizable investment in order for you to increase your profits.

    IDaaS Is Built for Our Compliance-Heavy World

    While IDaaS will be a welcomed addition to any company’s cybersecurity approach, those clients who have to remain compliant with security regulations from HIPAA, PCI DSS and others will be especially grateful for this service.

    Not only will IDaaS help these companies remain compliant and far from unwanted legal attention, it should help their CTOs sleep at night because they have proof they’ve taken the best possible measures available to them for safeguarding sensitive information.

    We all know that hackers are out there constantly looking for new ways to break the law. At least if this happens to one of your clients, they can show all parties involved that they specifically used IDaaS for this reason.

    Just about every business out there has to work under some type of legal compliance. This can be very difficult to do for a small business with a modest budget. Not only can you now offer them IDaaS, but your company can also provide the support your customers will need. Your customers don’t have to invest a small fortune to see top-tier results.

    Proving Your Authority as an MSP

    As an MSP, your work is never done. You probably know this all too well. Even when you provide your clientele with amazing software solutions, you have to constantly update them and make sure your customers are using them correctly. There are always questions to answer, but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy ones.

    One challenge you must constantly face involves your customers looking elsewhere for services. If, for whatever reason, they start thinking you might not be their best option, they’ll start the process of finding your replacement. Offering them IDaaS should make it clear that you are still extremely relevant as an MSP. It shows you’re not relying on yesterday’s products or otherwise becoming lackadaisical in your approach. You’re not resting on your laurels, but instead, are constantly finding new and better ways to outfit your customers with the best services on the market.

    No competitor out there is going to have something better to offer your customers than IDaaS. Those who don’t have such a product in their repertoire will look archaic by comparison. In fact, you might even expect a few of their customers to jump ship.

    The Opportunity to Increase Business Revenue with IDaaS

    Another reason to offer IDaaS is because it’s a great way to increase the revenue you’re already receiving. Yes, it will prove to be a very effective marketing tool to draw in new business.

    However, it’s never wise to become complacent with a certain amount of revenue. Instead, let your current customers know that they can do far more in terms of cybersecurity yet keep the same great MSP services you’ve always offered. By doing so, your profit margins should become a lot healthier, even if you don’t bring in any new business.

    Create Stickiness

    Increasing revenue is phenomenal; ensuring it never goes away is even better. As we mentioned above, with IDaaS, you can expect that your customers won’t be leaving you anytime soon. Why would they? Whom would they go to? What better service could they hope for? As an MSP, having a new form of technology and having it before the rest of the market, puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. It’s now impossible for any customer to look at only your price tag. As we’ve touched on above, you’ll prove yourself to be not just the most relevant MSP out there, but one with the tools companies need to remain compliant and secure.

    In the world of cybersecurity, it can seem like a week doesn’t go by without a new buzzword or some type of software that will undoubtedly save the world. With Identity as a Service, though, the buzz comes with good reason. This approach to digital defense is unrivaled and you can be the MSP to introduce your customers to it.

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