How to Give Your IT Staff a Day Off Work

    How to Give Your IT Staff a Day Off Work

    It’s Senior Citizens’ Day, and I’m sure your IT staff would love to spend some time with their older family members. You could let them go spend time with their loved ones and family members...

    Unfortunately, there’s a problem with that plan. There’s always a massive backlog of password resets, break-fix jobs, and general account management work that needs to be done before any of them can leave for the day. Why can’t things just be simple?  Why can’t you let your IT staff take some time off without everything falling to shambles?

    If I told you there was a way you could virtually eliminate the need for password reset requests, while simultaneously increasing user efficiency and security how would you respond? What if that method also provided your IT staff a means of efficiently managing user accounts? How much time do you think you could save? Is it a lot? Do you even believe it’s possible?

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and where there’s a business with AuthAnvil Password Solutions, there’s a group of IT staff who can take time off.


    Free your IT staff, and free up your resources. AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth lets your users log in by using their username, a pin number, and a one-time password from a token. Can your users remember four to eight numbers? That’s all they’ll need with Two Factor Auth.


    Once they’ve logged into windows, all they have to do is sign into AuthAnvil Single Sign On (SSO) and it can handle their website and application logins. Want to log into a Gmail Account and Office 365? They’re just a click away!


    AuthAnvil Password Server is more for your IT staff, as it makes account management a breeze. However, it too can be useful for users, as it provides a secure means to store passwords. No more sticky-notes, Password Server handles that for you.

     Unfortunately, if you don’t already have AuthAnvil Password Solutions, you’re likely not going to be able to give your IT staff take a break today. So why not get ahead of the game, and get rid of some of those backlogged IT requests? Life’s too short to squander dealing with password resets. Free up some time for the important things and set your business up with AuthAnvil Password Solutions.

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