Five Tips for the MSP Looking to Offer IDaaS

    Five Tips for the MSP Looking to Offer IDaaS

    Every MSP out there needs to be smart about considering what else they could be doing for their customers. Right now, one of the hottest tickets is IDaaS (Identity management as a Service). Before you begin offering it to your market, though, consider the following.

    1) You Want a Channel-Friendly Option

    This is generally good advice whenever you’re looking for a vendor, but especially in the IT industry. When looking to offer IDaaS, you want to choose a provider that is channel-friendly with their partners.

    Once you begin providing their IDaaS services to your customers, a vendor has two choices. They can be a channel-friendly asset and refer you business or they can look to put your relationship at risk by taking customers for themselves.

    In the long run, this should be a no-brainer. Being channel-friendly is a smart way to network within your industry and keep a solid reputation that will help grow your profits for years to come.

    Unfortunately, you may have already experienced firsthand how many companies will take short-term benefits by taking business for themselves. 

    When looking for an IDaaS provider, ask for testimonials for other companies they work with and do the necessary research to see how others have reviewed them. Having a channel partner that doesn’t value your company’s potential can be a frustrating and unnecessary problem you don’t want to deal with.

    2) You Want an All-in-One Solution

    When it comes to IT services, you always want to provide turnkey solutions to your market. Business owners love hearing that you can give them everything they need rather than that they’ll have to keep looking for necessary solutions and putting them together piecemeal. 

    In terms of IDaaS, this means offering them MFA (multi-factor authentication), password management and SSO (single sign-on). These three approaches aren’t just benefits anymore; they’re absolutely essential for keeping access secure. Some of your clientele may not appreciate this yet, but those who do won’t take any IDaaS provider seriously if they can’t promise these methods. Those in your market who don’t understand what these are yet will be thrilled when you explain it to them.

    The last thing you want is to hear from a customer who has become disgruntled because they found out the hard way that something like MFA could have protected them much better than the service they have been paying for. Not only will you most likely lose their business, you’ll probably hurt your reputation pretty badly too.

    You also have to wonder why any company specializing in IDaaS would leave one of these out. They certainly aren’t suffering from ignorance. It could be a sign that they just aren’t taking their own business seriously or at least the needs of their customers.

    3) Easy Installation Is a Must

    If you want to succeed offering IDaaS services to companies, the product you decide on better be easy to install. This is true with just about any form of software, of course. It doesn’t matter if you know how to make a computer run off the air around it, if your customers can’t figure out how to implement this amazing solution, you’re not going to sell a single unit.

    Nothing is more frustrating for customers than trying, and failing, to install software over and over. You’ll be making it very easy for a competitor to swoop in and take this business away from you simply because theirs is easier to install.

    Not only does it need to be easy to install, it must sound that way too. At some point during your pitch, you’re going to have to describe how installation works. Even if it’s as easy as it gets, if you can’t communicate this, you’re going to turn off customers before you ever had a chance.

    Combining the efficiency of a turnkey solution with an installation process that is smooth and simple and you’ll have a product that’s easy to sell, to say nothing of how happy your customers will be afterward.

    4) Learn How to Market IDaaS

    To bring up the sales process again, you need to take the time to learn how to market IDaaS to your customers. For those of us in the industry, it’s easy to forget that a lot of what we talk about sounds like Greek to our audience. Many of your customers don’t even know that IDaaS is an option right now. 

    The good news is that IDaaS is going to keep growing in demand as more and more companies suffer from attacks unnecessarily. To some extent, then, marketing will be getting done for you.

    That being said, look at things from your market’s perspective. IDaaS offers them the best possible protection for their passwords via the methods we brought up earlier. It also offers a cloud-based solution that lends itself to scalability. Whatever their needs are at the moment, if those change tomorrow, IDaaS will still be a sound choice. This also means they’re going to save money on this powerful solution, something that pretty much sells itself.

    5) Charge Appropriately

    It won’t be long before IDaaS becomes the standard for password protection. This can make it very tempting to mark up this service considerably. However, if you do this, you’ll soon find that competitors eat into your revenue. 

    Instead, charge an appropriate amount and then look to leverage the opportunity IDaaS has created for you. With your foot in the door, you have several options for creating other revenue streams for your company. You’re already the one keeping your customer’s passwords safe and sound through an innovative approach that also saves them money. Show them other digital assets that can be of service and, for the right price, you’ll be increasing your profits significantly.

    Never forget, too, that you can offer bundle services. This is a smart way to keep your prices low, yet make more. Going back to our point about turnkey solutions, the more you can provide your market at once, the more likely they’ll be to ditch their current providers and go with you.

    IDaaS is a great concept that is only going to grow in popularity. With the five tips we just listed, you can corner the market on this powerful offering. 

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