Enhancing Your MSP with Strong Security Practices

    You want to do everything possible to serve your clients and customers. You also want to grow your business, and to do that you provide fantastic products and services. Even with the best products and services in the world, if your security is weak, it will turn people away. They need to know their information and data is safe if they are to do business with you.

    Fantastic security needs to be the root of your business, and at heart, most people know this. However, they do not always know exactly how to improve their security. Let’s get a better look at things you can do to improve your MSP with better, stronger security practices.

    Develop Your Policies

    One of the first things to do is to look at your current practices. What security measures are in place, and what should be added? The Internet can be a dangerous place, and companies have varying needs when for accessing the web. Understanding what you and your clients’ needs help you develop security policies that provide protection based on the type of access required.

    Access Management

    Next ask how much access to the web and systems do employees need? Rather than giving everyone free run and access to everything, the time to set up an access management system. Limit the amount of access people have to areas that they do not need, and it will greatly improve your security.

    An Educated Staff Is a Secure Staff

    A positive and educated staff that truly understands the reasoning for security is critical to your shop and its clients. A positive security culture encourages workers to help one another out and make sure everyone is following the rules. The expectations and the rules for security should be communicated openly, and everyone must understand those guidelines, and why it is so important that they conform to these rules.

    Encourage the team members to think about security as it applies to their work flow and daily work, and discuss ways that the overall security could be improved. Make sure that the safety practices are utilized and integrated into daily work life. Stress the dangers and the consequences of not adhering to these security policies.

    What Happens When an Employee Leaves?

    So what happens when an employee leaves? Simple! Have protocols in place for revoking security privileges. This includes removing their password access for all of the computer systems they used. Also think about physical security, and take back keys, keycards, and anything else that could give the former employee access they should not have.

    There should be no lapse after the employee leaves the company and when their security and access privileges are revoked. As soon as they walk out the door, they should have no access to the computer system or the facility.

    Have In-House Security Specialists

    You may want to hire someone who specializes in security to sure up your business. They can help to initiate and institute various security practices, and keep up to date on all of the changes in the field, which ensures your company remains safe in the future.

    AuthAnvil to the Rescue

    When implemented correctly using a quality solution, two –factor authentication (2FA) will keep you or your client’s digital infrastructure safe without inconveniencing employees, and serve as the basis of a security service.

    In most organizations, it doesn’t take long after implementation for staff to fall right back into their old bad password routines — which isn’t a disaster because those old routines are now much safer due to the extra layer of authentication.

    You may want to use 2FA in conjunction with single sign-on (SSO) to make it easier for employees to sign into your client’s systems. SSO allows users to have direct access to all of the platforms they use, but they need only one credential to access them. It’s like having a single, very secure key to access 100 different doors with 100 individual locks.

    SSO is definitely something you’ll want to look for when considering your options for a 2FA vendor. However, remember that just offering SSO isn’t good enough – you must also do a deep dive to understand any 2FA vendor you are evaluating.

    Learn how AuthAnvil deepens security through 2FA here.

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