Do you want to make a password?

    Do you want to make a password?

    “You are not a special snowflake… But your password can be one.”

    The sad fact is, your passwords probably aren’t beautiful and unique snowflakes. If fancy graphics aren’t your cup of tea, just read on and we’ll cover the tips in text…

    Do you want to make a password?
    It really shouldn’t be generic.

    If you look closely, no two snowflakes are alike. That’s how your passwords should be. Unfortunately, most passwords today look like snowflakes at a distance… They all look pretty much the same.

    One of the largest collections of leaked username/password combinations showed that roughly 99% of used passwords were drawn from the same pool of 10,000. (Source)

    The sad fact is, your passwords probably aren’t beautiful and unique snowflakes. Fortunately, you can improve them!

    Here are some great ways to improve the strength of your passwords:

    Use numbers, capital letters, and special characters.
    Don’t use dictionary words or names.
    Don’t re-use passwords across multiple accounts.
    Make your passwords as long as you can.
    Come up with a unique system for generating passwords.

    If you’re managing the passwords of an entire company, or multiple companies as an IT service provider, you already know that getting your users to use strong passwords is like trying to herd cats.

    Talking to your users about password security techniques can make a world of difference, but if you’re not willing to take that risk, have grown tired of fielding complaints about forgotten passwords, know how much is at stake, or just want to improve the security of your systems currently secured by static passwords, why not look into implementing a multi-factor authentication system. While we always recommend strong passwords, multi-factor authentication allows you to mitigate the risk of passwords in general by requiring an additional factor, like a USB key, fingerprint scan, or smartphone app, in addition to the password they already use.

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