Secure Your Windows Network Logon

    Secure Your Windows Network Logon

    If you haven't seen it yet, we've written a new eBook called “AuthAnvil Two-Factor Auth: Secure Your Windows Network Logon ". It provides an overview of how to secure your Windows Network Logon using our Windows Logon Credential Provider.  Here’s a sample of what to expect from the eBook:


    “What’s So Wrong With Using Passwords?

    A common response to the challenges of IT security, is requiring that employees use more complex passwords and change them more frequently. This is hard on your employees and, on its own, is inadequate at providing an appropriate level of security for most businesses…

    Threats are evolving, passwords are not.

    Empowered by advances in computer hardware, hackers have becoming very good at cracking even the most complex passwords. By using multiple attack vectors, hackers can quickly defeat even the strongest of passwords. Passwords on the other hand, have remained relatively unchanged since they were verbally exchanged in ancient times.

    Protecting your network’s security with solely a password is like fighting a house fire with a garden hose: it might work on occasion, but the fire probably wasn’t that bad from the get-go.

    Modern threats are more like a raging wildfire, so that garden-hose of a password is unlikely to keep you from getting burned.”

    If you’re tired of scrambling to put out fires, why not take some proactive steps and improve the security of your network before something happens?

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