AuthAnvil: Tokens and You

    AuthAnvil: Tokens and You

    If you haven't seen it yet, we have written a new eBook titled “AuthAnvil: Tokens and You ". It provides an overview of the token options we offer, as well as insight into how to choose a token that best suites you.

    Here’s a sample of what to expect:

    "If you were to take the tokens we offer for Two Factor Auth and line them up, the distinction would initially seem quite simple. There are hardware based tokens, and there are software based tokens. It’s a touch more complicated than that though, should you choose to consider the style and application of the various forms. Instead of simply understanding them as hardware or software based tokens, let’s take a closer look at how the individual types of token differ from one another.


    Yubikeys are, conceptually speaking, a programmable USB keyboard that’s been compacted down to the smallest possible form. Simply plug it into a USB slot, press the button, and it will both generate and auto-populate a one-time-password. You can put it on a key ring and take it with you everywhere, leave it plugged into your workstation, put it on a lanyard and plug it into systems as needed, or just do whatever comes naturally. They’re extremely tough and almost indestructible. One other great advantage, is that since they draw their power from the USB port they don’t require a battery and can practically last forever…"

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