All work and no play makes your IT security stronger...

    If you work in the field of IT security, you know that you’re always on call. Simply put, hackers don’t take holidays. If you’re stuck working today because you need to avoid being Scrooged in the New Year, here are four things you can do today to improve the security of your IT infrastructure while everyone else is at home with their families.


    When was the last time you made sure every system on your network had up to date software? Unless you’re running some sort of RMM solution, it’s probably been awhile. Fortunately, with so few people around you can update every system on your network with ease. Download those updates, push them to all your systems, and plug up all those vulnerabilities that were patched months ago.


    How long has it been since someone has mapped out your entire infrastructure? Months? Years? Never? With all of the day-to-day hustle out of the way, you might be able to finally map out your network, audit your infrastructure, and get a greater grasp of what your systems should look like. Take the time and learn all you can about the infrastructure you manage, it’s impossible to protect that which you are unaware of, and that’s why auditing is so critical for maintaining a reasonable degree of IT security.


    When you take the time to consider it, it becomes readily apparent that a lot of the work you do is highly repetitive. Because you are spending so much time on these important but repetitive tasks, your IT security can go neglected at times. Now that you have some time, why not automate a few of those repetitive tasks so you have more time later.


    What better time is there to update your authentication policies then when there’s no-one around to complain about them? If no-one’s around, then no-one can complain about how you now require a 10+ alphanumeric password that contains letters, numbers, symbols, that needs to be replaced every two weeks. Your changes might turn some heads come tomorrow, but for one day you can rest knowing you have a strong password policy.

    Now these four tasks may seem like they would take a number of years’ worth of holidays to implement, and they likely would. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to accomplish all of this, and you have enough time to learn all about it today. How is this possible? Well, if you were to implement a password management solution that integrates smoothly into an RMM tool, you would be able to authenticate, automate, update, and audit to your heart’s content.

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