7 Passwords You Should Pass On

    According to a collection of 6 million publicly available unique username and password combinations the seven passwords pictured above account for 18% of all passwords.

    Eighteen percent! If you tried to log into random accounts online, trying these seven passwords would likely give you access roughly every one in five tries!

    The password “password” alone accounts for almost 5% of the unique combinations...

    You could download the password collection and use it as a password blacklist on your own network, but if your users would use those sort of passwords, then the problem isn’t that easily solved. Your users may just wave weak password practices.

    How can I improve the strength of my user’s passwords?

    There’s no one way to improve password security. Training your users with information about proper password practices goes a long way. Additionally, having complexity and length requirements can help improve the quality of the passwords your users are using.

    Unfortunately, strong passwords alone are no longer adequate for most security needs. With the constant risk of a breach to databases containing your user’s passwords, the only real security comes from an authentication system that relies on multiple factors.

    Multi-factor authentication is one of the core features of the AuthAnvil all-in-one password solution. Businesses use AuthAnvil to not only increase their security with MFA and its password management and auditing capabilities, but to increase efficiency and enable their workers with a powerful single sign-on portal that can be linked to almost any application, site, or system. 

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