5 Ways Single Sign On Will Benefit Your Business

    5 Ways Single Sign On Will Benefit Your Business

    In the digital age, you need to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve what your company does. Usually, this means employing the best software the market has to offer. While it can be tricky discerning between fads and essentials, Single Sign On (SSO) software is easy to argue for. Here are five reasons to convince you.

    1) Saves Time

    There’s no doubt that SSO software is going to save you time. You don’t have to bother trying to remember one of a dozen passwords, put in the wrong one, start over, etc. A lot of you have probably had to deal with the frustration of trying to get your password right one too many times only to get locked out and needing someone in IT, an administrator, etc. to let you back in.  

    You can also waste a lot of time coming up with new passwords. Most of us add at least one new account to our repertoire every year. When you don’t have SSO software doing the remembering for you, you have to sit around and attempt to come up with a password that will be easy to recall next week when you finally need it again.

    Imagine a world where you can make it through the day without constantly getting held up because you’re trying to remember what your new password is, which letters you capitalized in it, which were replaced with numbers, etc.

    2) Increases Efficiency 

    This goes right along with the last point. SSO is an easy way to increase overall efficiency. Again, for one thing, you won’t be burning daylight trying to come up with passwords that are sufficiently complicated but also possible to remember. You don’t have to try remembering the one you forgot to write down or find where you wrote it down. When you consider the number of people who have to put up with these kinds of delays throughout the day, it’s no wonder that some companies aren’t as efficient as they’d like to be.

    It gets much better though. Today’s SSO platforms come with all kinds of awesome bells and whistles. One example of this is the kind that works as a web browser extension. A lot of us pick up new accounts throughout the year just by surfing the web. Naturally, in order to make them all secure, we keep having to come up with new passwords. Before long, we can easily have dozens to keep track of.

    With a web browser extension, your SSO platform can handle your log in by linking up with the sign-in form. Never miss a step when you’re on the World Wide Web thanks to this technology.

    3) Everyone’s Happier

    No matter where you are in the company, you can probably remember a time when your job depended on having numerous passwords. You probably had one to sign into your computer at the beginning of the day. Then, you need another one to sign into your timecard. Then, there was your email password one and probably at least one more you needed to use a specific type of software.

    That’s being generous too. When you factor in all the different types of software most companies use today, plus all the sensitive information they need to protect, employees can easily get bogged down with all the passwords they have to remember. 

    While nothing will compare to a raise, your employees will still be extremely happy if you introduce SSO. They’ll love not having to keep track of a laundry list of passwords and all the pressure that comes with knowing if they forget one, they may have a long path ahead of them to get their access back.

    Furthermore, like we just mentioned, you’ll love that your employees can get far more done without constantly having to stop and start every time they want to jump from one system to another.

    4) It’s a More Secure Way of Logging In

    Why are all these passwords necessary in the first place? Simply put, because there are a lot of people out there who want to steal your access or that of your employees. It’s not fun to think about, but it’s the truth. That’s why you have passwords and that’s why you try to make them as difficult to crack as possible.

    It only makes sense, then, to take this need for complexity as far as you can. Come up with the most secure passwords possible or needlessly risk having your systems compromised. The only reason more people don’t follow this advice is because extremely complex passwords aren’t just difficult to crack; they’re difficult to remember too. They can be so hard to remember as to become counterproductive.

    SSO eliminates this problem, allowing anyone to use the most secure passwords possible for their logins. 

    If you have employees under you, you may have had to learn the hard way that, try as you may, getting them to use complex passwords can be nearly impossible, especially when they have a good amount of them. Use SSO and rest assured none of your staff members are the ones leaving your company open to attack.

    5) Reduces Your IT Overhead

    Every company needs IT resources in one form or another. Whether you hire an outside team or employ your own, it’s easy to see your overhead pile up. Yes, it’s worth it. No, that doesn’t make it any easier.

    Start using SSO, though, and some of those costs can be nixed. When people forget passwords, someone needs to be consulted and approve a reset. This is one reason IT professionals are a necessity. Can you get rid of your entire IT team just by using SSO? No. What you can do, though, is reduce your costs significantly or use that same amount from your budget to invest in more important services.

    In the very near future, talk about SSO will only be about which platform is best. It’s already clear that these programs are no longer an option in today’s digital environment. 

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