5 Benefits of Offering IDaaS

    5 Benefits of Offering IDaaS

    IDaaS stands for Identity as a Service. It’s the new wave of security, a cloud-based version of authentication that you can provide your customers. There are so many reasons that IDaaS not only makes sense, but will soon become the only security option that does. Here are five of those.

    1) Demand for IDaaS Is on the Rise

    We all know that life isn’t getting any easier for companies in the digital age. While there’s no doubt the World Wide Web has bestowed countless benefits on its users, you also have to consider all the threats that are constantly stacking up. Hackers are becoming as ingenious as they are malicious. 

    IDaaS isn’t just about convenience, though that’s definitely a huge advantage. It’s also about providing your clients with a form of security they have otherwise only dreamed about or paid for out the nose. The cloud has changed how business can be done and now you can add security to that long list of improvements. Just like the cloud is revolutionizing pretty much every facet of how companies operate, it is now having that effect on one of the most important of these areas: security.

    Soon, IDaaS won’t be an option. It will be the kind of service companies demand and receive or go looking elsewhere for. Adapt this approach now and you’ll be on the cutting edge. Hold off and you could have some explaining to do when all of your customers (and would-be customers) don’t understand why you can’t give them what they want.

    2) You’ll Have an Edge Over Your Competition

    Speaking of which, now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. IDaaS is catching on, but it hasn’t become the standard quite yet. Begin offering it now and you’ll be the company your market looks at as being innovative, while your competition seems more and more irrelevant.

    The world of IT security is always changing. It’s a cat and mouse game with hackers. Your market knows this if for no other reason than the fact that every time they see the news, another story comes out about how some organization (or even a government) has been preyed upon by a malicious party.

    Perhaps you’ve already seen the result. Many customers and prospective customers have probably contacted you looking for answers. Now you have it. This is an especially relevant solution for that large demographic of small- to medium-sized businesses that are constantly looking to stretch every dollar. 

    3) Customers Will Have Improved Management

    As we’ve touched on above, customers need the services you’re providing with IDaaS. No company, large or small, is going to make it for very long if they don’t invest in security. The problem is that security costs a lot and that overhead isn’t going anywhere. If anything, the price of keeping an organization safe is trending up and not showing any signs of slowing down.

    This leaves much of your market in a tough position. They can continue investing in their vital IT infrastructure and hope to increase revenues to cover those costs or they can take their chances without the security they’ve always depended on.

    It’s easy to think of any as-a-service offering as being little more than trendy, but there’s a reason we keep seeing them. One of the reasons the market is headed this way is because scalability has become more important than ever. 

    4) Perfect for Cloud-Based Apps

    We’ve talked a lot about trends in this piece, but let’s touch on one more because it’s important. Apps are everywhere these days. You probably have a couple dozen on your phone and tablet. Now, though, apps are becoming ever more relevant for businesses of just about every size. It’s easy to imagine that apps will someday become as much of a standard for businesses as company email addresses.

    While that’s all well and good, it’s vital to keep in mind that apps also come with security requirements. An organization can’t have their security compromised simply because they’re hoping to branch out into cloud-based apps.

    For reasons we’ve already covered, there is no better way to keep apps secure than with IDaaS. It’s cloud-based, for one thing. Nothing requires scalability like an app and now you can offer it to your clientele through an “aaS” package.

    5) Increase Customer Loyalty

    Finally, it should be obvious that if you care about customer retention, there’s only so much you can do without the best possible technology to offer them. Again, IDaaS will become the standard. If you’re not the one providing it to your customers, expect that phone call when they ask for it or just flat-out tell you they’ve found a new IT security firm that does.

    Bring your customers the future today and their loyalty to you will increase exponentially. They will always know that your company takes innovation as seriously as you do their security. Even after IDaaS becomes a widely-embraced concept, they’ll always appreciate that you were the first to bring it to their doorstep. Those customers you attract from competitors will be grateful you brought them to the light.

    Don’t let your company get left behind. IDaaS is growing in popularity, so take advantage of this innovation now by being the first to show your market what’s possible.

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