4 Reasons Kaseya Access Security Should Begin with AuthAnvil

    4 Reasons Kaseya Access Security Should Begin with AuthAnvil

    With high-profile security breaches reaching the headlines, and cyber-attackers finding more and more ways to get their hands on account passwords, the thought of a criminal hacking themselves into sensitive client data and resources is keeping more than a few MSPs up at night—especially when it comes to Kaseya.

    Any MSP or IT professional who uses Kaseya understands the risk. After all, Kaseya is one of the leading remote monitoring and management (RMM) platforms for a reason; It allows awesome, unprecedented access to client systems and resources—offsite. That means less running from client office to client office, and with cool analysis tools and monitoring options, it also means more focused and organized support for clients.

    What’s that saying? “Work smarter, not harder.” Indeed, Kaseya allows MSPs to grow their business and revenue, by increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction—without leaving their home or office. But the deep remote access that makes it so convenient also makes it oh-so appealing to cyber criminals and malicious parties. In short, securing access to Kaseya is critical.

    Many MSPs’ Kaseya infrastructure is protected only by passwords. In security, we call this single-factor authentication, or SFA. Users have to present only one security “factor” to be authenticated into the system. That means it only takes one compromised password for a hacker to gain access to all of your clients’ data and resources; the results could be devastating and cost you and your clients your reputation. Experienced IT pros understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to security, and they are looking for a 2fa option to protect their Kaseya.

    2fa means two-factor authentication. Before being signed into a program that is protected by 2fa, a user must present not only a password (something they “know), but also another security factor, like a fingerprint scan (something they “are”) or one-time access code generated by a secure mobile app on their smartphone (something they “have”).

    There are plenty of 2fa applications on the market, but the most cutting-edge options offer a complete security solution that provides comprehensive, advanced support for Kaseya. AuthAnvil is the clear “leader of the pack” in this category.

    Here are 4 reasons any MSP looking for serious Kaseya security should consider AuthAnvil:

    1)    AuthAnvil is the only 2fa solution that Kaseya fully supports natively. As an IT pro, you know that this means a more intuitive and dependable performance. Scorpion Software worked directly with Kaseya to build its API, and it shows. The set up process is simple and fast, allowing for smooth, deep integration. Because AuthAnvil is a module built in to Kaseya (rather than an external resource), it doesn’t overcomplicate the user experience—it improves it.

    2)    AuthAnvil offers advanced auditing options and more. AuthAnvil’s audit management tool streamlines data from Kaseya Live Connect (KLC), and tracks all interactions with the system (including successful and unsuccessful login attempts). Additionally, when accessing the system remotely, users must enter a unique one-time passcode. These AuthAnvil audit tables are kept separate from Kaseya, adding yet another layer of protection, as a potential hacker can’t manipulate login data.

    3)    AuthAnvil works with Kaseya’s event management functionality. AuthAnvil works perfectly with Kaseya’s event management infrastructure to deliver the all-important alarm, monitoring, and auditing features that make Kaseya so awesome.

    4)    AuthAnvil is a security suite with the tools you want. AuthAnvil goes beyond Kaseya security, and it even goes beyond 2fa. Centralized password management allows admin users to easily review and change user access options, as well as automate password maintenance tasks like resets and strong password creation. And since Kaseya offers the best 2fa options available, the enhanced layer of security opens the door to another security solution: single sign-on, or SSO. SSO is by and far the best complete security option for businesses because of its incredible convenience and protection. With SSO, a user sign in securely with 2fa, and then is taken to their SSO portal, where they can easily sign in to ALL of their applications with a single click—no repetitive logins needed. The user experience is the best on the market, and the security it provides will ensure you, and your clients, peace of mind.

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